sh gianadda [-?|-h|--help] [-v|--verbose] [-q|--quiet] [--debug] [-s|--sync] [-f|--force-html] [(-c|--create) <theme-name>] [(-t|--change-theme) <theme-name>] [--tolerance <tolerance>] [--google-browser-key <key>] [--google-server-key <key>] <gallery-directory>


Display this help text.
-c|--create <theme-name>
Create a new gallery using the given theme, in the given directory. When used, -s and -f are implied.
-t|--change-theme <theme-name>
Change the theme of the gallery in the given directory. When used, -s and -f are implied.
--google-browser-key <key>
Set the Google Maps API browser key to be used by the static maps service1.
--google-server-key <key>
Set the Google Maps API server key to be used by the elevation service2.

Synchronize the given gallery to reflect changes in the content of the gallery directory:

  • create new folder when new directories are found
  • create new pictures when new image files are found, and generate thumbnails and preview files.
  • update picture info in the catalog when image files are changed, and regenerate thumbnails and preview files.

NOTE: Unless the --delete flag is used, he folders and pictures that no longer exist in the directory structure are kept in the catalog.

Also delete pictures and folders that no longer exist in the directore structure.
Force the generation of the html (and css, js, ...) files of the web site, whether there was a change or not. When used, -s is implied.
Simplify tracks using a Douglas-Peucker3 algorithm.
--tolerance <tolerance>
Specify the tolerance in meters for the Douglas-Peucker algorithm. When used, --simplify is implied.
Use the Google Maps elevation web service to get the elevation of track points.
Forces the use of the elevation service even when the track points already have elevations.
Display information messages. Without this flag, only warnings and errors are displayed.
Don't display warning messages (only error messages)
Display ALL messages, including debug messages. There can be quiet a lot.


1 Google Static Maps API

2 The Google Maps Elevation API

3 Douglas-Peucker simplification algorithm